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Wednesday August 17, 2016

Letters to the Editor

From The Mirror,
August 7, 1996

Promaccom Fine Accommodation


100th birthday for Maud Queale

• Maud Queale, pictured with daughter Marcella Brennan, celebrated her 100th birthday on August 8 and was thrilled to receive a photograph and congratulatory message from the Queen. The Prom Country Aged Care resident also received a personalised message from the Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lynne, along with messages from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy, and a string of other dignitaries. After enjoying a small gathering at Marcella’s, Maud will celebrate her birthday again next month with extended family – possibly as many as 60 or 70 people - in Brisbane. Five generations are expected to be there to mark Maud’s attainment of triple figures. Maud has always enjoyed good health, which she attributes to a good glass of sherry and a nice-sized piece of chocolate every day!








Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese continues to please

• Cheese producers Barry Charlton and Cheryl Hulls are thrilled with the continued success of their Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese Riverine Blue - a soft blue vein cheese made from buffalo milk.

FOLLOWING hot on the heels of their success with at the Nantwich International Cheese Show in the UK last month, the cheese gurus from Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese have done it again - with their Riverine Blue named as a State Winner in the 2016 delicious. Produce Awards.
Now in its 16th year, the delicious. Produce Awards (in partnership with Miele) saw a new approach to the Awards’ nomination process with the country’s top chefs and restaurateurs asked to nominate the passionate producers they work so closely with.
“Australia’s produce, producers and chefs are globally renowned for excellence,” said delicious. editor-in-chief Kerrie McCallum.
“Opening nominations in 2016 exclusively to the country’s leading industry experts has meant the calibre of entries this year is unprecedented in terms of quality and innovation, including some really exciting new producers we haven’t seen on the Produce Awards stage before,” she explained.
The delicious. Produce Awards State Judges carried out blind tastings to determine the State Winners in the categories of Earth, Dairy, Paddock and Sea.
The Riverine Blue - a buffalo cheese, has done exceedingly well since production began less than two years ago. Cheese producers Barry Charlton and Cheryl Hulls entered it in the 2014 Guild of Fine Food where it was awarded Bronze and this was followed by a Gold in the Royal Sydney Cheese and Dairy Show 2015, Gold and Champion Non Bovine Cheese as well as Grand Champion of Show at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show 2015.
Not only was it named the Highest Scoring Non Bovine Cheese and Champion Cheese at the DIAA Victorian Division 2015 - it also took home the title of Most Outstanding Show Exhibit. The Riverine Blue then outdid itself by taking out those very same awards in the DIAA Australian Division 2015.   
These titles were followed up by Gold and Champion Goat Sheep Buffalo Cheese in the Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015, and in this year’s Royal Sydney Cheese and Dairy Produce Show it took home Gold in addition to the Champion Sheep Goat Buffalo Trophy and the Australian Cheeseboard Perpetual Trophy.
Barry and Cheryl attribute their product’s success to it being created from top quality milk, and to Barry’s understanding of which cultures will work together in a specific type of milk to create the flavours needed.
The Riverine Blue is a soft blue vein cheese created from top quality buffalo milk, sourced from Bryan Jans’ ‘Sunrise Plains,’ farm in Giffard West.
“Buffalo milk is very different from cows’ milk. It’s a hard milk to work with but it produces a very high yield and has a lovely flavour,” Barry said.
The degree of difficulty in working with buffalo milk is certainly paying off for Barry and Cheryl, who will be very interested to see how the Riverine Blue fares in the national judging phase of the 2016 delicious. Produce Awards to be held in Sydney on September 12.
The National Judging Panel will consist of Awards Patron Maggie Beer and chefs Shannon Bennett, Guillaume Brahimi, Peter Gilmore, Christine Manfield, Andrew McConnell, Matt Moran and Alla Wolf-Tasker.


Perce leaves Foster RSL fighting fit

Perce Brewer at the bar of the Foster RSL, where he is stepping down as secretary/manager to make way for a new generation.

AFTER seven years as secretary/manager of the Foster sub-branch of the RSL, Perce Brewer is stepping down to take life a little easier.
During the time he has been on the executive, Perce has taken membership from just 19, which meant the sub-branch was perilously close to closing, to a massive 350.
Perce’s successful drive for new members is just one of the many achievements in which he can take pride.
He organised the painting of the clubrooms, the installation of a new air conditioning system and, with the help of a grant from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the building of new toilets. He also made sure the club was incorporated and got a liquor licence, after which a bar was constructed.
The spruced up clubrooms, complete with bar, have become a popular place for members to gather on a Thursday or Friday night.
Perce refuses to take all the credit for the improvements, however. He has had, he says, a lot of assistance along the way, from the club’s senior vice-president, Jim O’Day, in particular, and also from president Bruce Lester and other committee members.
The improvements keep coming. The club now has its own card-printing machine, so membership cards can easily be run off. Doug Girvan recently supplied an endowment of books on the first and second world wars, and they will shortly go on display at the RSL for all to enjoy.
Perce says he has greatly enjoyed his time on the RSL Foster executive, but now it’s time for this octogenarian to call it a day and hand over to a new generation.



AFNL's future is uncertain

Eighth team needed, but who wants to come?

THE creation of a new competition for the 2017 football netball season, to be known as the ‘West Gippsland Football Netball Competition,’ has unfortunately left the Alberton Football Netball League (AFNL) with only seven teams, following Korumburra-Bena’s successful appeal to go into the new league.
There was no ‘Plan B’ after the appeal was upheld, leaving AFL Gippsland unable now to find another team for the AFNL.
Alberton Football Netball League president Barry Stride told ‘The Mirror’ on Monday that he was appalled that a 125-year-old league had been decimated down to seven clubs and virtually left to its own devices.
Tarwin Football Netball Club co-president Anthony Hullick said he was furious with the outcome.
He said the sheer lack of support from AFL Gippsland towards the Alberton FNL was “terrible” and he had no confidence in them at all.
“They have not shown any direction for us at all. The whole process has been flawed since last January when the first recommendations came out. They didn’t have a Plan B!
“It’s been left up to club volunteers to try and fix the problem of a seven-team competition.
“If they were running my business I would sack the lot of them.
“At least it has brought the seven remaining clubs closer together, and they will all work together trying to make it work,” he concluded.
It is looking like it will be up to the AFNL to go out and try to find another club to boost its numbers next season.
If not, seven teams will be playing each other three times during next year’s season, with a final four at the end of the season.
This is far from ideal.
What clubs are out there who might consider coming to Alberton? Yarram and Woodside, who were past members of the Alberton League, do not want to come back, which leads to teams such as Mirboo North, Boolarra or Thorpdale as possible sides who would not have to travel too far.
But what do they have in common with the local league?
Another critical problem for local teams is the lack of junior footballers. Where have they all gone to? Are the youngsters about and just not choosing to playing football in favour of doing other things on their weekends?
One line of thought is to only have one junior team (probably under 17s) of a Saturday and get rid of the fourths competition. With the lack of numbers at the Allies, Toora, Foster, MDU and Allies, this could help those clubs, but would it help Fish Creek and Stony Creek who seem to have plenty of players at present?
The old Alberton League was quite willing to help out when the old Bass Valley League was in dire straits, and welcomed the likes of Inverloch-Kongwak, Dalyston and Korumburra-Bena into the league. Later on, when Phillip Island and Kilcunda Bass had nowhere to go, the Alberton League took them too.
The lack of juniors has caused a lot of problems in recent years. By contrast some of the bigger towns have had plenty of players – so many they were unable to give them regular games during the season. This problem needed fixing, but now it seems the solution has come at the expense of the remaining seven Alberton clubs.
The finals series commenced last weekend. They should be the highlight of what has been a very even and exciting season, but with the cloud hanging over the 2017 season, the finals can’t help but play second fiddle to the meetings taking place to discuss the uncertain future of the league.
Ironically, it is looking as though two of the remaining teams - Fish Creek and Foster - could well fight be fighting it out for the premiership this year and not any of the sides shortly leaving for the newly formed “bigger and better” league.



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